Reciprocal Access

NAAL’s Reciprocal Access program is a voluntary agreement between participating NAAL institutions to allow access to library buildings and services for currently enrolled students and currently employed faculty and staff of participating institutions.

This program is supervised by the NAAL Director and the NAAL Executive Committee. Revisions to the program will go through the NAAL Resource Sharing Committee before being approved by the Executive Committee. NAAL libraries can sign up for the program through the NAAL Director. NAAL libraries currently in the program who wish to not participate are asked to give the NAAL Director two month’s written notice before terminating participation.

As a part of this this program participating libraries agree at a minimum to:

  • Provide access to the library building, which should include a record in the library’s circulation system to allow book check-out.
    • Interlibrary loan requests should be coordinated through the patron’s home library.
  • Provide reference services and on-campus access to collections including databases.
    • Libraries are not required to provide Wi-Fi access to participants.
  • Extend borrowing privileges in conformity with the lending library’s circulation policy.
    • Items may be recalled based on need.
    • Patrons shall be personally responsible for overdue fines and costs due to damaged or lost library materials borrowed by the user.
    • Library user privileges may be suspended for delinquent fees or non-payment of such costs after notification.

In circumstances where the patron is deficient, the lending library should:

  1. Notify by mail the home library when routine procedures for obtaining overdue or lost materials from the patron have failed, or when any material borrowed by a patron has become so damaged as to no longer be usable. The lending library will provide the home library with the name and address of each borrower and additional information, including
  • library materials billed, lost, or damaged,
  • dates materials were checked out and were due,
  • the student ID number, for a student user, and
  • replacement costs along with any processing fees.
  1. Follow normal home library procedures for the retrieval or payment of the replacement cost of overdue, lost, or damaged materials borrowed by patron and owned by the lending library, when notified by the lending library in writing. And, if necessary, the home library should, in any instance in which a patron has failed or refused to pay such replacement cost after a reasonable collection effort has been made, identify the patron as deficient in all university systems allowed by the home intuition (ie: holds, notes, registrar list).   
  2. At the discretion of the NAAL Director, individual patrons may be banned from participating in the program for violation or abuse of library privileges.